Today I welcome our first guest to Wimps for Christ: Maurice Lang.

Maurice is going to share with us about serving the homeless. Jesus reminds us in John 12:8 “you will always have the poor among you” and we have been commanded to help them. While we might need clarification on the “Love thy neighbor” command (afterall, who is my neighbor? But we’ll discuss that more later), it is very obvious who the poor is. One group of poor that some of us wimps avoid is the homeless. But as Maurice tells us, in serving the homeless you may find yourself getting served.

Homeless people are lazy and need to get jobs! If this has ever been your thoughts about homeless people you need to do an outreach and serve them!

When I was first invited to participate in a homeless outreach I had many preconceived notions on what type of people I would be so called “serving”. Lazy, drug addicts who needed to get their act together! That’s not what I found.

As part of the outreach we were to serve coffee and brownies to the homeless men and women of Cincinnati in the Washington Park area because it is adjacent to The Drop in Center located on 12th street downtown. So on a cold January day some men from a few local churches ventured out to the park. Not knowing what was going to happen when we started to handout free stuff to the homeless I was kind of on edge and nervous. Well when you have hot coffee on a cold day it doesn’t take long to get a crowd.

As the people approached us they disarmed me with their pleasant demeanor. I would ask them if them would like some coffee, a brownie or some hand warmers and they responded with a “Yes please” or a “Yes sir”. And when they received their coffee it was always a “Thank you” or other kind words that followed. I couldn’t believe the sincere salutations and words that were delivered to us by the homeless of Cincinnati. They were homeless, but gracious. Homeless, but thankful. And in some cases homeless but joyful. I know a lot of people say that you get more from giving than getting, but I was truly blessed by the experience.