Today we welcome our first guest to share her mission trip experience.  One of my bestest friends, Rachel.  On a personal note, Rachel and I have been friends for almost 10 years now; we’re the same age, our kids are the same age, and we have very similar personalities and interests.  So when she told me she was going on a mission trip to Haiti – leaving her children for 10 days – I thought she was out of her mind. Oh well, what do I know :-)…


Name: Rachel

Occupation: Police Officer

Where and when did you do missionary work? Haiti 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

What did you do when you were there? Handed out baby items, built homes, painted, passed out clothing from the clothing pantry, prayed with people, attended church, led a ladies bible study

What made you want to go ( that is, what was it that moved you from “this is a neat idea” to “I’m gonna do it”)? It just seemed like an interesting thing to do

Cost; how much did it cost to go and  what about the experience made you find the expenses worth it? $1550-$1800.  Meeting the people and seeing how much they loved us and loved Jesus. The smiles made it worth it.

How did you raise the money?
1st trip I sent out fundraising letters. The rest I paid for out of pocket (it can be written off on your taxes)

What was the worst thing that happened on your trip? There was the earthquake in Haiti during my trip in Jan 2010

What was the best thing that happened on your trip? I sat with a little girl who was going to die from injuries in the earthquake. She was so sweet. I found out later that she lived, and I feel good knowing I was part of it.

Anything else you’d like to share? The Haitian people are amazing. They are so resilient. Worshipping with them is an amazing experience that puts your own life in perspective and shows you what true trust in God looks like.

What is your response to someone who says “I would love to go on a mission trip but I’m a little scared”? Do it!!! You will gain so much more than you ever imagined. Most trips are designed for someone of any fitness level, so don’t be concerned about that – or ask the organization. I was on trips with people age 15 to 75. Anyone can go – everyone has something of value to share. You will forever be changed by the trip.