I sent a text to my personal trainer, Josh, the other week. I was in a tizzy. I wanted a doughnut. Having recently converted to near-veganism I hadn’t had a doughnut in over a month. It was rough. You gotta understand, I LOVE doughnuts. Jelly. Cake. Sour Cream. Chocolate with chocolate icing. And the only thing I love more than doughnuts is doughnuts with that sweet cream cheese in them.  35 days had been too long, I wanted needed a doughnut. But I’ve also lost over 25lbs and I know if it weren’t for doughnuts I would have lost 40lbs or 50lbs by now 🙁 .

Josh’s answer: “Get one.”

Whaaaat??  Get one??  Sweee-eeet…wait…just one??

“Yes, just ONE”

That’s a problem. See when I go to the doughnut shop I have a hard time deciding what I want, so I generally get 3 or 4 and eat them over the course of the day. Just one, huh?

Being the schmuck that I am, when I got to the doughnut store I left my wallet in the car and only took in $1. I could only buy one doughnut. I’m back lamenting to Josh…”I am so pathetic! I can say no to all kinds of meat, cheese, ice cream, and eggs but I’m powerless against a doughnut??”

Josh replies, “We all have our weaknesses.”

And there’s Epiphany #1. I got stuff. I’m not a murderer or a liar. I don’t steal or use drugs but I got stuff. If I start talking to people about Jesus they might start looking at my stuff. “Some Christian she is, she does XYZ. ” I don’t want my stuff in the spotlight. Its easier to sit back keep quiet and let the preacherman take all the heat.

But thanks to Adam and Eve we’ll never be perfect. God doesn’t want us to be perfect he wants us to be willing.

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