Say hello to Emily!  Emily makes the most delicious baked goods; especially birthday cake!  Not only am I in awe of her baking skills but I was blown away when she announced last year she was going on a mission trip to South Africa….

Name: Emily

Occupation: Pastry Chef

Where and when did you do missionary work? April 2010, Mamelodi, South Africa

What did you do when you were there? Held day camps for orphans, built houses, planted gardens, and set up medical clinics

What made you want to go? I told God that I wanted to go and waited for a sign that I was supposed to. I prayed about it alot. I could not afford the $300.00 deposit. One day at church, a really wonderful person gave me a check for the deposit. I cried and realized I was being called to go. It was a scary thought that I now really had to press hard and work for the remaining expense, but I knew I had to do it.

Editor’s Note:  I’ve never told anyone this before but my husband and I are the ones who gave Emily the deposit.  When she said she was trying raise enough money for her deposit we felt a push to make it happen for her.  A big part of me said “I’m too big of a wuss to actually go to South Africa myself, but I can at least help her.”  We had no idea that God was going to use that as her sign that she should go.  All you have to do is be willing to do something and let Him take care of the rest.

How much did it cost to go? It cost $3000.00.

What about the experience made you find the expenses worth it? I got to love on kids who have no one in their life to build into them. I got to help house and feed people who would have been homeless or starving otherwise. That is really worth it.

How did you raise the money? I was so blessed to have all of my funds donated to me. I am not saying it wasn’t hard and the money came very slowly, but dollar by dollar it came in until it was all there. I wrote letters to friends and family and held fundraisers like a split the pot raffle, bake sale, volleyball tournament.

What was the worst thing that happened on your trip? We had to come home.

What was the best thing that happened on your trip? I fell in love with a little boy named Amu who will forever be my favorite person in the whole world. We talk on the phone every few months and I plan to be a part of his life my whole life.

Share anything you would like about the experience and the people you encountered? When you are serving someone with nothing to gain and no desire to be served in return, God really shows up. We made a dent in South Africa. No matter how big or small, we made a way for others to follow in our footsteps and change lives in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

What is your response to someone who says “I would love to go on a mission trip but I’m a little scared”? Step out there. Don’t have any expectations going in and have faith that if God wants you to go, he has already equiped you with everything you need.