Name, occupation: Jennifer, Nanny

Where and when did you do missionary work?: I went to Mumbai, India in February of 2010

What did you do when you were there?: We worked in aftercare facilities with underage girls who had been rescued from forced prostitution.

What made you want to go ( that is, what was it that moved you from “this is a neat idea” to “i’m gonna do it”)?:  I wanted to go from the very first time I heard about forced prostitution going on in India. I also read a book by Patricia McCormick called “SOLD” that solidified me wanting to go. I knew I had to do something about this horrific thing humans are doing to other human beings. I couldn’t just sit by idly and do nothing while young girls were suffering. I felt God stirring my heart to go.

Cost; how much did it cost to go and  what about the experience made you find the expenses worth it?: The cost was $3400, which I raised. It was SO worth the money, big time! God healed me of the fear of flying. God healed me of being afraid of being away from my family and friends. I had to completely rely on God for the very first time in my life. I had no one I knew well anywhere near me. I felt so close to the Lord while in India. My heart also changed so much. I saw poverty for the first time in my life. I saw families living on the streets in rows and rows. Children going to the bathrooms on the streets. I saw underage girls crying with scars up and down their arms from cutting themselves and scars from burns where their pimps had burned them. I will never be the same. I know now more than ever how incredibly blessed I am. My humble home is a CASTLE!

How did you raise the money?:  I raised the money just by sending out flyers to family and friends telling them what I was doing and why I was raising money. I raised more than I needed!

What was the worst thing that happened on your trip?:  The worst thing that happened on my trip was being so emotionally drained from seeing all the devastation, poverty and sadness all around me. Oh, and having a migraine every single day from breathing the horrible pollution in Mumbai.

What was the best thing that happened on your trip?: The best thing that happened on my trip was the relationships I built with the girls in the aftercare facilities and getting to tour an orphanage and holding orphans. I really bonded with a 2 year old boy named Akash. I didn’t want to put him down. I looking into his big brown eyes and told him God loved him and just cried. I will never forget his eyes. They haunt me. I pray for him all the time. I think about the girls I met and the 15 year old in one of the homes who asked me to take her home with me. I’ll never forget her either. I pray for her salvation and safety all the time.

Share anything you would like about the experience and the people you encountered?:  The people of India are incredible. They are beautiful. They are kind. My heart is heavy for Indians bc they are being held captive by false gods. Hinduism runs rampant and it affects every aspect of humanity there. Girls in aftercare are taught they are there bc it is what the gods deemed for their life and they must have done something bad in their former life to deserve this treatment and if they put up with this, their next life will be better. Such lies! The Caste System of the Hindu religion has ruined the country and many people’s lives in that country. I pray India is delivered from the lies of the enemy!

What is your response to someone who says “I would love to go on a mission trip but I’m a little scared”?: Don’t be scared! I was the biggest wimp that ever was! I was petrified of flying! I hadn’t flown since I was 8, and the flight to India was 18 hours! I had total peace about it. God sustained me completely! It was a miracle. I have a phobia of germs. India is a very dirty place. I wasn’t afraid one bit of germs while I was there! It was incredible! I even peed in a hole and got pee on my shoe and didn’t care! lol That’s huge for me! GO on a mission trip! Your life will change for ever for the better.

Anything else you would like to share.: I have never been the same since coming back from my mission trip to Mumbai, India. I am so grateful that I listened to God’s call, put my fears aside and trusted in Him for my safety and health. The Lord healed me in so many ways while I was in India. He healed me of so many fears. Getting to experience another culture and a different way of life was also incredible. I have a new outlook on America and a new outlook on life and the world. I highly recommend it! Do it!