Last time Maurice Lang shared with us the very emotional story about the day he stopped holding in his anger.  Today we’ll learn about the gift God gave him in exchange for letting go of all of that anger.



One day I watching Creflo Dollar on TV one day and he was talking about anger and forgiveness. He said something that changed my life. He was explaining how people would carry around anger and the people they were angry with couldn’t care less or didn’t even know you were still mad at them. He then explained how you had to let that anger go, forgive and be healed. I did and ever since then I’ve been a crybaby!

In John 11:35 it says “Jesus wept”. It is the shortest and most overlooked verses in the bible. John 11 tells of the death and resurrection of Lazarus. In verse 11:33 it states that Jesus was deeply moved in spirit and troubled then he wept in verse 35. So just about every time the Spirit of the Lord moves on me I weep.

I’ve been trying to understand why because I find it somewhat embarrassing. I’m a big, tough, football loving fireman; I can’t cry, but I do. I feel this is God’s gift to me. Gift? Yes gift. He knows about the time in my life that I held all of that hurt and anger in. He now allows me to release it through Him. His spirit falls on me and I just have to let my emotions out.

Some people scream, some shout, some pass out, but I cry. It’s God’s reminder to me not to let my emotions boil up and explode on people. He has control of me and my life so I don’t have to hold anything back from Him anymore. At times I find myself in tears over the smallest thing, but it matters to God. It’s an expression of His love and joy He has in me and He wants me to share it with others.

Sometimes I don’t like it when I’m in front people and the “water works” just start coming, but if that’s what God wants, He gets it. So if you’re ever visiting Compass Community Church and there is a big guy crying throughout the service for no apparent reason –  that would be me! Jesus wept and so does Maurice C. Lang III.