Losing My Religion

I try hard to be a good Christian. I take the question of “What would Jesus do?” very seriously as I navigate the trials of everyday life. I send up little prayers throughout the day when I find myself getting off the path. I always put forth my best effort to take the high road…except on those days when someone wants to mess with my child…

Mess with baby bear and you will have to deal with mama bear. Mistreat or hurt my child and we all are gonna need Jesus ’cause I ain’t having it!

Whew!  Just thinking about it gets me irritated…

We all have something that makes us lose our religion. Maybe you drink too much. Maybe you can’t resist a piece of juicy gossip. Maybe you have a wandering eye that lingers over the opposite sex a little too long. Or maybe you experience incredible road rage at people who don’t go as soon as the light turns green.

Whatever it is, remember that God is bigger than all of those challenges.  He is in control at all times, even when we feel like we have no control.  And everything we have is his to start with…even our children.  Easier said than done.  Much easier said than done.

So how do you deal with things that make you “lose your religion”?