I recently finished the book @stickyJesus: How to Live Out Your Faith Online by Toni Birdsong and Tami Heim.


The premise of the book is to get Christians to make use of social media to spread the message of Jesus.  The Internet, Facebook, Twitter and the likes are here to stay.  People all over the world from every walk of life are on these outlets connecting every day.  Christians too, should be on these outlets.  Those of us who are using social media have a responsibility to be the “salt and light” in these places.

“More people will log on to blogs, Facebook, and Twitter this Sunday than will go to church.”

“…it’s no longer an option for Christians to be online in some capacity; it’s a responsibility.  This is especially true for churches and pastors interested in sharing the gospel.  Online is where people are and online is where Christians need to be.”

“Paul revolutionized the world in which he lived.  He didn’t use warfare or weapons; he used words.”

Not only does the book talk about the necessity of Christians to bring the message of Christ but they also give you suggestions, prayers, and insight.  When I finished reading the book it made me very conscious that to call myself a Christian, I have a responsibility…..a charge, empowerment to use my presence on the internet, my website, my facebook, and emails….everything in a way that reflects HIS message, not my own.

“If you were to peel away the layers of any social network and look beyond the graphic interfaces, lingo, widgets, and apps, you’d find beating at the core the universal human need for relationship.”

“You really never know how God is going to use your voice online…You really never know who is paying attention to you or what God is going to do through those seemingly unimportant posts.  People can and will see Christ through you.”

“God of the universe can use any method he chooses – including Facebook – to bring wandering hearts into His loving care.”

“I now tweet and blog with more sensitivity to how I can actively encourage and connect with others.  I watch for needs to identify ways that I can personally pray – really pray – for others.  I am quick to realize now – more than ever – that when people are desperate enough to ask for prayer, it’s because they need it.”

“Get intentional about how you spend your time online – connecting, serving, and leading the conversation in such a way that others will seek to know Christ personally.”

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