1.  Name and occupation: My name is Marsha, and I am a Records Clerk at a local Police Department.

2.Where and when did you do missionary work?  I started doing mission work in Haiti, on the Women’s Work Team six years ago (Jan.-Feb. 2006) and have returned each year in January with Lifeline Christian Mission.

3.What did you do when you were there?  While on the mission trip, we distributed Christmas gifts to the sponsored children in Haiti, along with pantry gifts for those not sponsored.  We also had a ladies day, which includes ladies from many churches throughout the region (about 450-500 ladies) worshipping together in song and praise, and then they were dismissed to classrooms for a Bible lesson, presented by ladies on the trip.  I have taught a class each year.  We also delivered layettes throughout the village of Grand Goave to mothers of young babies, worked in the infant nutrition clinic, put shoes on hundreds of childrens feet along with new, clean socks.  With each thing we did, we prayed with the persons we came in contact with, each child that received a gift and the ones who received shoes.  Blessings were received by the Haitians and Americans!!

4.What made you want to go:  I grew up in a church as a teen and had a minister that went to the Palau Islands as a missionary, and I think I had a desire from a young age to do some kind of mission work.  When a friend from my church traveled to Haiti and came home to share about the work in Haiti, I began to think and pray about going on a trip.  It was a couple of years later that I felt lead by God to go on a mission trip with my friend as well as some other ladies from my church.  God’s timing is always right.  I did not know when I went that first time that I would fall in love with the people there and continue to travel each year to Haiti.

5.Cost; how much did it cost to go and  what about the experience made you find the expenses worth it?  The first time I went, I believe it was about $1200, last year it was $1800.  I think for the flights and the entire 10 days of accommodations and food, it really is quite reasonable.  Who can outgive God anyway???  We receive much more than we give.

6. How did you raise the money? The first two years I raised money for the trip by sending out sponsor letters.  I always received more than needed. Now I just save some from each paycheck for my trip.  Again, if God desires us to go, what can stop us!!

7.What was the worst thing that happened on your trip?  There was nothing bad on that first trip.  I was too overwhelmed with all that took place and getting to see my sponsor child for the first time that year was just awesome.  I guess if anything bad ever came about on any of the six trips, it would be discord among the ladies from the US…little petty differences of opinions.  There really wasn’t anything bad to me, if you looked at how the people of Haiti live, we should never, never, never complain about anything!!

8.What was the best thing that happened on your trip? The best thing the first trip was to meet my sponsor child in person and hold him and meet his family.  The Ladies Day experience was wonderful, just to hear them sing praises and watch them worship and love the Lord and depend on Him for their daily needs.  It was very humbling.

9.Share anything you would like about the experience and the people you encountered? The blessings I received far surpassed what I was able to give on the trip.  We worked, but it was fun work and we learned so much from the Haitians.  The people involved with Lifeline are truly ambassadors for Christ.

10. What is your response to someone who says “I would love to go on a mission trip but I’m a little scared”? Pray about it and God will calm your fears and will walk that walk with you.

11. Anything else you would like to share. Always pray before, during and after a decision such as a mission trip.  God listens, answers and goes with you.  He will never leave you.  May God Bless You.