I absolutely LOVE my Kindle.  One of the best parts about the Kindle are the quick, little ebooks you can purchase for less than $2.00.  One such treasure I recently found was Miss Minimalist: Inspiration to Downsize, Declutter, and Simplify by Francine Jay.  The ebook  book is a collection of articles she’s written over the years and cost $0.99. I can honestly say it has changed my mindset and I predict will change my life.

Francine Jay is a minimalist.  What is minimalism?  In Jay’s words….

It’s eliminating excess

It’s asking “why” before you buy

It’s embracing the concept of enough

It’s living lightly and gracefully on the Earth

It’s uncovering who you are when all of the logos, brand names, and clutter are stripped away.

As someone who has spent years drowning in a cluttered house and overbooked schedule, her message of simplicity called to me loud and clear.

Simple living is not a new concept to me.  Perhaps it is where I am in my life that has made me more receptive.   Just a few years ago I was burning for a bigger house, a nicer neighborhood, a fancier car, and buying whatever struck my fancy.  Then one day I just got tired of chasing.  I had a longing to be content.  I wanted to stop wanting.

This message should resonate with Christians looking for more than the day to day that the world has to offer.  As she says “…when our homes…are overflowing with clutter, our souls take a backseat to our stuff.”  How can we wholeheartedly offer ourselves to Christ when we don’t have space for him…literally and figuratively?

This book review kicks off my own efforts to embrace the minimalist lifestyle.  To strip away all but the necessities so I can focus on what matters most.  Join me in my journey.

Other thoughts from Francine Jay….

“Do you ever look around our house, at all the things you’ve bought and inherited and been given, and feel overwhelmed instead of over joyed?”

“Forget about perfection.  For the vast majority of tasks, good enough is good enough”

“Minimalist living eliminated the distractions – the clutter, the chores, the debt – the devour our time and energy”

“…minimalism – living beautiful lives with less”