Today’s guest post comes from Carlos Jeff.  There is nothing adequate I can say to properly introduce this piece, so without further ado….

These words here are from The Holy spirit directed to you reading this.

I felt the need to write this here for all of those hurting inside from the pressures of life, loss of a loved one etc. Let me give you a short testimony: In the last two years I lost my marriage, my home, cars, money. I was homeless and unemployed. To top it off I lost two, yes TWO, of my sons to a drowning accident.

Many have asked me repeatedly how I’ve managed to stay sane, or Hell, even alive. It’s simply thru the GRACE OF GOD and his merciful loving hands that I have done so. There have been many days that I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it. There is nothing like the love a father has for his sons. The void of my sons will never fully be filled by anyone or anything. However, I woke up today and realized that I still have so much to be proud and alive for. I have other kids who need me more than ever before. I have an abundance of talent that even surprises me. I have a host of loved ones and friends who have kept me alive and kicking, but MOST of all I have the anointment that the MOST HIGH has put on my heart.

I have spent the last year raising funds to save other children’s lives by providing swimming lessons. I spent time at hospitals talking to other parents with dying children.

What may you ask is this message really about??

It’s about facing ADVERSITY HEAD ON and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER Giving up. The storm shall eventually pass, and I bet the day will be filled with Sunshine. My grandfather told me once “Boy, the sun gonna rise with or without you, so what you gonna do?” I can hear his voice clearly, like it was yesterday.

Tomorrow I face yet another uphill battle. My son Cameron, R.I.P. would be 11 years old tomorrow. I’ve been depressed thinking about it. Not sure if I could face it without a major breakdown. He was, still is, my lifeforce. I feel his spirit inside of me literally. I’m trembling as I write this. I wasn’t sure about writing anything about it but something said that there is someone in need of this message. Someone who is ready to give up on life. Someone who is hurting ten times more than I am.

So, I want those who are reading this to know that LIFE can be HELL sometimes, but with a simple change of thinking, it can be HEAVEN. Embrace the people around you who mean something to you. Don’t wait til they are gone to show them their importance. Take every chance you can to live out your dreams, and NEVER forget GOD’S promise to you that you can have EVERLASTING LIFE if you simply BELIEVE in him. I will definitely see my sons again. Heck, I bet they visit me tonight. Hopefully they will give me more insight on what God has in store for me, my family, and YOU…. KEEP FIGHTING THRU THE THINGS IN YOUR LIFE……

Love Ya,


In memory of his two sons,  the Cameron and Bryce Jeff Memorial Foundation was established to educate people on the importance of Water safety.