Today, I kick off a new category called Blog Trotting!  I will feature interesting articles from other Christian-living-esque blogs.  There a many, many, many blogs out there that cover a wide a variety of Christian related topics.  If we want to see more unity within the Christian community, it starts with honest dialog. So read what other people have to say, even if you don’t agree with it and strike up a conversation, on Facebook, with your neighbor or co-worker.  In the words of Steven Covey,”Seek first to understand then be understood.”

Today’s featured blog is The Gospel Coalition.  This blog blog features “a community of voices who promote gospel-centered ministry for the next generation. [They]discuss the Bible, theology, church history, books, culture, and more.”  I was drawn to the ability to finds biblical themes in a super hero movie.  Their article “The Avengers: Very Human Super Heroes” takes a look at how the the age old theme of the weak saving the world plays out in this movie.  Below are a couple of excerpts from the article, but definitely visit their blog to read the article in its entirety…

It’s funny to me that in a world of flying aircraft carriers, lightning bolts, and rage monsters, we nonetheless tell stories about frail and broken people. Yet that’s the core of The Avengers, and of the whole superhero genre generally: Superman is an orphan displaced. Batman, too, is an orphan, a mere human with an obsession with justice lost. Spiderman is haunted by his failure to save Uncle Ben. The heroes we invent all have a flaw weaved into their fabric, which makes their lives more believable and their victories more spectacular.


In the strange world of the Bible, we know that weakness comes before strength. The mustard seed becomes the mighty tree. The shepherd becomes the king. God himself becomes a baby, suffers in every way like us, and dies a criminal’s death, yet that death becomes the catalyst to the liberation of countless captives of sin.