Last time, I shared with you my review of Adam Hamilton’s book When Christians Get It Wrong. Below are a few excerpts from the book.  I highly recommend it, it’s a great read!


When Christians get it right they love and give, they work for justice and demonstrate kindness.  When Christians get it right they, like Jesus, befriend those who are outside the church rather than condemning them.  And when Christians get it right, people are drawn to, rather than repelled by, their faith.



To many Christians, evolution is simply a way of describing a process that God established for creating the magnificent forms of life we have today…God created the processes and the plans for progression of life on our planet.  God is still the Creator.  Whether each species was individually crafted by God, or the result of a process God designed matters little to me.  God remains the Creator either way.

While science asks the questions what and how, theology seeks to answer the questions why and for what purpose.  Both sets of questions are important…The creation stories in Genesis were not meant to teach us how God created, but that God created.


When Christians get it right, they show respect for people of other faiths.  They listen to them, learn from them, and humbly share their faith with them.  They look for points of contact and commonality, as Paul did with the philosophers of Athens.  They offer reasons for their faith in Jesus Christ with gentleness and respect, as Peter taught.


I do not believe God is a micromanager or that everything happens because God wills it.  It fact, one overarching messages of the Bible for me is that much of what happens in the world is not God’s will.  From the Bible’s opening story of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit to its closing story of the forces of darkness waging war against God at Armageddon, human beings are repeatedly guilty of doing the opposite of what God commands.



It seems clear in reading the Gospels that between sexual sins and religious hypocrisy Jesus considered religious hypocrisy far more deadly.



There are many things about Jesus that I love.  One of them is that he consistently put people before rules.