When I first stepped onto the blogging scene one of the first blog’s I fell in love with was The Church of No People.  The site’s motto is “What sermon would  a pastor preach if no one showed up for church?”  This site offers thought-provoking articles that make you look at various aspects of Christianity from a different perspective.  It never fails for me that their articles make me go “hmmmmm.”  This weeks featured article from The Church of No People is no different.


It started with a tweet that read: “As a Christian I was surprised to find out how much in common I have with atheist.”  Ever so curious, I followed the link to discover a delightful article entitled “I stopped believing in god.”


I’ll leave you with one excerpt (don’t want to spoil it for you)

Many times when talking beliefs with atheists, they’ll start a sentence with, “I just can’t believe in a God that…”

And I say, “You’re right…”  I’ve got a lot in common with the atheists.

Check out the the rest of the article….