I finally did it!  I wrote a book.  Well it’s a short eBook…but it’s mine and it’s published and it’s for sell at the Kindle Store (and I am SOOOO excited, can’t you tell).  You don’t need a Kindle to purchase and read the book 10 Reasons Christians Should Care About What They Eat

So, given that I wrote the book, I’m not going to do an actual review (although, I must say it’s pretty awesome!!)  It is only because of your support and encouragement that I was able to step out of my comfort zone and try out a book, so I’ll leave you guys with a little preview.


Set Apart

Christians have been given a simple task: “Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering…Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking”   (Romans 12: 1 -2, The Message).

The message is clear; Christians have a responsibility to make conscious choices in everything we do.  We are supposed to be set apart.  People should look at us and realize that there is something different about how we walk, talk, and handle ourselves in everyday situations.

It should not be a difficult task.  In a world that is filled with so much selfishness, suffering, evil, and injustice, one should easily be able to find a way to stand apart. We can be generous with our time and money.  We can help people in need.  We can spend time with troubled children and teens.  We can live lives full of integrity in order to be a model for others.  We can serve as missionaries in other countries.  We can financially support the work of missionaries.  The list goes on.

An extremely simple way we can impact the world is by being more conscious and thoughtful with how we spend our money.  One place where we all spend money every week – if not every day – is on food.

10  Reasons Christians Should Care About What They Eat
1. Overeating is sin.
2. Your body is a temple.
3. When Your Body is at its Best, You are at Your Best.
4. Get the plank out of your eye.
5.  Keep your body clean .
6. Earth was given to humans…to take care of it!
7. Take care of God’s creatures.
8.  Be a good neighbor.
9. Feed the hungry.
10.  Impact the working conditions of  others.

10 Actions to Start Today
1.    Go meatless once a week (or twice, or 3 times).
2.    Eat more fruits and vegetables
3.    Cook more often
4.    Avoid prepackaged foods
5.    Avoid fast food
6.    Shop at local farmers markets
7.    Eat less sugar
8.    Practice portion control
9.    Plan your next social event around activities besides eating
10.    Make it a point to support companies that have earth-friendly practices