I’m back!  Perhaps you’ve noticed a lack of postings over the last week (or maybe you didn’t notice at all – lol). I just got back from vacation. A wonderful, fairly relaxing 5 days visiting my husband’s family on the east coast. The best part…no schedule. Sure we had places we wanted to go and things we wanted to see, but we got to them when we got to them. One day we slept until well after 9 (very uncharacteristic for me and my son). One day we wandered the streets of the city casually taking in the sites. Every evening we sat around the dining room chatting with my husband’s mom and his aunt, watching my son and his cousin play together. We often didn’t make back to the hotel until well past 10. Oh well, no bedtimes when you’re on vacation.

While I did keep an eye on emails on my phone and occasionally checked Facebook (I’m addicted, don’t judge me), overall I didn’t do much of anything. And it was kind of nice.


We all need downtime…time to get away from the routine, away from the hustle and bustle and spend time with those who matter most to us.  Jesus modeled this for us (see verses below).  If you live to be 70 you will have 25,550 days.  What is it that you don’t seem to have time for?  How many of those days have you completely given to God?  How often have you told you kids or loved one you’ll something tomorrow?  Work will always be there.  Email will always be there.  Facebook will always be there.  The time you get to spend with the ones who matter won’t.


Mark 1:35   “It was very early in the morning and still dark. Jesus got up and left the house. He went to a place where he could be alone. There he prayed.”

Luke 6:12  “On one of those days, Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray. He spent the night praying to God.”

Mark 6:31  “Then Jesus said to his apostles, ‘Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place. You need to get some rest.’ “

Luke 5:16  “But Jesus often went away to be by himself and pray.”