I am an Eddie Murphy fan.  I’m not talking about the modern day, family friendly, Dr. Doolittle, Daddy Day Care Eddie Murphy.  I’m talking about old school Eddie Murphy.  The Raw, Delirious, Boomerang, Harlem Nights Eddie Murphy.  Yes, by the grace of God, Eddie and I both have come a long way.  But admit it….back in the day….Eddie was hilarious.

One of my favorite jokes is Eddie talking about the express line to hell:

“And they shot the Pope. I mean, who would shoot the Pope? What’s your intention in shooting the Pope unless you’re saying, ‘Look, I want to go to hell and I don’t want to stand in line?’ I mean, whoever shot the Pope, they’ll say to him, ‘You shot the Pope? Get in the express line….’”

As funny as that joke is, it does cause you to wonder….is there an express line to hell?  Is there a sin that we could do that is soooo terrible, that God would never forgive us and we’re condemned forever?  If you believe the Bible, once you’re saved, the answer is “No.”  Of course that doesn’t mean that you should go out and live like a wild heathen…there will be judgment even amongst the saved.   But once you accept Jesus, you’re in.  There’s no sin that will get you kicked out of Heaven and no “good works” to be done to get you in Heaven.  You just need to accept Jesus’ gift.

It is good of us Christians to remember this in our own personal lives.  It is better for us Christians to remember this when we’re dealing with others.  If God can look at you and say “I love you…I accept you…and there is nothing you can do that will take that love away”  why can’t we look at others and say the same?

 I am absolutely sure that not even death or life can separate us from God’s love. Not even angels or demons, the present or the future, or any powers can do that. Not even the highest places or the lowest, or anything else in all creation can do that. Nothing at all can ever separate us from God’s love because of what Christ Jesus our Lord has done.

Romans 8: 38 – 39