I recently ran across an article on the Positively Positive blog by Jennifer Pastiloff entitled “Are You Sooo Busy?”

Pastiloff identifies a list of things that people say that no one else wants to hear.  Her list includes:

  1. I am tired
  2. I am sooo busy
  3. My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Has Been Treating Me So Badly for Two (or five or eight, etc.) Years!
  4. Traffic and How Bad It Is.
  5. My Job and How I Hate It and Have Hated It for Years but Won’t Leave It.

It’s an entertaining article that I’ll let you read it for yourself.

Constant repetition of these tired mantras give them a power they don’t deserve. This article reminded me of a book I read several years ago called Hung by the Tongue: What You Say Is What You Get by Frances P. Martin.   One reviewer wrote: “Hung by the tongue depicts the rise and fall of a person just by the words they speak. By taking quotes from the bible and putting them into perspective, Martin shows that success and defeat is born in the mind. We as humans tend to speak what we believe. Martin shows that what we speak can bring on failure or victory.”

As Martin’s book shares MANY verses in the bible that address the importance of controlling your tongue.  The thing I find neat is that even the wimpiest of wimps can have a huge impact on the people around them just by their ability to hold their tongue.  Sometimes it’s not what you say, but what you don’t say.  Sometimes your silence, willingness to be an ear, or ability to refrain from judgement is all of the “witnessing” that’s required.

Next time, we’ll take a look at what the bible says about controlling your tongue.