A couple of weeks ago, I ran across this story on Yahoo:  Waiter who refused service to customer becomes a web hero.  Basically there was a family in a restaurant who had a special needs child.  Another family began complaining about the noise from the child.  The waiter told family #2  “I won’t be able to serve you.”

Of course in this day and age that story went viral and was all over the internet.

Constrast that with another story that recently went viral: Pastor who got Applebee’s employee fired feels the Internet’s Wrath.  A waitress got fired from Applebee’s for posting to the Internet a picture of a bill that a customer left her.  Gratuity was added to a customer’s check; the customer stiffed the waitress of the tip and wrote on the receipt “I give God 10%.  Why do you get 18?”  The waitress posted the receipt to the Internet, the customer was identified and complained to Applebee’s, the waitress got fired.  The worst part of the story, the customer was a Pastor.  Every since the story went viral, the Pastor has been feeling the sting.

wwjd 2Both of these stories have one theme in common:  It doesn’t take much to make a long lasting impression.  It can be a good thing, like standing up for the little guy;  it can be a bad thing, like embarrassing someone or letting your pride cost someone their job.  Either way, every day you make a choice how to respond to the situations life puts in your path.

I’ve never been a fan of tired cliches but it probably doesn’t hurt – every now and again – to ask yourself, “What Would Jesus Do?”