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Below is an excerpt from the book:Wimps of bible cover

I have to admit I don’t read the Bible like I should…actually I rarely read the Bible.  I have a copy of The Message version on my Kindle, but if you ask me to find one of my hard copies, it would take a minute…okay maybe 10 minutes. I’m not sure why I don’t read it.  Of course, I could use the usual excuse of I don’t have time.  It’s amazing how I find time for Facebook, watching TV, reading fiction, blogging, and a long list of other non-essential activities.  Starting my blog, Wimps for Christ, forced me to start reading the Bible more. One thing I quickly noticed was that the Bible is full of wimps.  These are people who repeatedly showed cowardice and reluctance to do what God said; there are some who just flat out said “No” to God.  And yet in all of their yellow-bellied glory, God found a way to use them; that earned them a spot in the best-selling book of all time.

Since childhood I have heard stories about David, the fearless boy who defeated Goliath and later became king.  In Sunday school we learned all about the faith of Abraham, a man who trusted God so much that he was willing to kill his only son.  And let’s not forget Moses, a man who had personal conversations with God, led the children of Israel out of Egypt and was personally delivered the Ten Commandments.  Legends.  Heroes.  Leaders.  Yet, if you study their lives and actions a little closer, you’ll see they were also – at times – wimps.  That’s when I gained a new perspective on The Bible.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 says “…there is nothing new under the sun.” That means every situation, every problem, every challenge that you have faced, are facing or will ever face is covered somewhere in the Bible.  The Bible is also one of the clear ways God speaks to us. Just like we have to tell our children and our spouses over and over again that we love them, we also need to hear from them that we are loved.  The Bible is one of the ways God tells us over and over that he loves us (a message that many of us – okay ALL of us – definitely need to hear).  More importantly, the Bible tells us that no matter what we do, God will keep on loving us and giving us opportunities.  David’s indiscretions, Abraham’s lies, and Moses’ lack of self-confidence didn’t stop God from using them, and there’s nothing you can do that will stop him from using you.

In this book we will take a look at some of the greatest Wimps of the Bible.  We’ll see how God was able to use their weaknesses, shortcomings, and stubbornness.  In some cases he turned those things around and in other cases the brokenness itself was the lesson. Whatever the problem, those of us stuck in wimp mode have some great role models to use from the Bible.