I have a lucky bamboo tree.  It is actually not a bamboo at all but a plant whose correct name is Dracaena sanderiana.  I got this plant about 3 years ago.  It started out about a foot tall with a couple of stalks and a few leaves.  I brought it home and took very good care of it.  I put it in a tall beautiful glass jar with colored rocks at the bottom and set it in the bay window of my living room.  There it prospered and grew, sprouting more leaves and growing to over three feet tall.

Then came the cats.

About a year ago, we got two cats.  The cats loved the large bay window.  They could sit in the window and catch all of the neighborhood happenings or lay down to soak up the afternoon sun.  Or they could snack on my lucky bamboo tree.

Turns out cats find Dracaena sanderiana very tasty.  So tasty in fact that in a matter of a couple of months my tall, strong, beautiful tree was reduced to a stub with only one of the stalks having a couple of leaves.  But nonetheless, I loved my tree and I promised that as long as there was a trace of green on it, I would work to keep it alive.

I’ve moved away for the tree far away from the two little munchers and it is now blossoming once again.  Not quite to the level it once was, but definitely no longer knocking on death’s door.

As I looked at my plant recently, I realized that life is a lot like that.  You go along, growing and blossoming then out of the blue something comes along and strikes you down.  Maybe it’s an illness, death of a love one, or loss of a job.  It could also be something less traumatic, like waking up one day feeling like life has passed you by. bamboo 2

My plant needed to be removed from its dangerous environment.  It needed nourishment and protection from the fury predators in my home.  You too need to rid your environment of as many dangers as possible and find protection and nourishment from a friend, a minister, inspirational material, or even a medical professional. Whatever it is, as long as you have an ounce of green in you, you can find a way that you can grow again.