The other day during one of our summer walks around the park, my son and I had a conversation that went something like this….

Him:  Did you know the Egyptians worshiped cats?golden calf

Me:  Yes, I had read that somewhere.

Him:  That’s weird….c’mon, it’s a cat!

Me:  Throughout history, people have worshiped all kinds of things.  The sun, the moon, stars, nature.  In the Bible days there’s a story about people melting jewelry, make a calf, then worshiping it.

Him: Okay that’s weird.  I could understand the sun and moon ‘cause they’re way up in the sky and people didn’t know how they got there.  But “Hello….You just made the thing and now you’re going to worship it?”

Me:  Yeah, that does seem kinda silly.  Even today people worship stuff like their cars, their homes, even other people.

Him: Like rock stars and movie stars?

Me:  Yep.  Here’s what I do whenever I start to feel like I’m getting too goo-goo-ga-ga over another person.  I imagine them taking a poop. <He giggles>  I mean they can’t be all that special, they poop just like you and me.

Him: But mom, in that case, you wouldn’t even worship Jesus, I mean he had to poop too.


That got me thinking about this whole “worshiping” Jesus thing…..

When you look up the definition of worship, you see words like honor, homage, adoration, revere, adore, glorify, and idolize.  At first glance, there’s nothing wrong with applying these words to Jesus.  After all he was considered divine, he suffered and died a horrible death to take on the burden of our sins, and he rose from the dead.  Why wouldn’t you think that Jesus was fantastic and needed to be worshiped?

The problem with worshiping Jesus is that with so much focus on his divinity, his death and his ascension, we miss one BIG thing about him:  his life.  Jesus was a man of action.  He didn’t spend his whole life sitting on a mountain top meditating.  He was out amongst the people, forming relationships, helping those in need, challenging status quo. He was a doer, the epitome of love in action.

You want to worship Jesus?  I suppose that’s okay.  But perhaps you would better serve the world spending your energy trying to emulate him.

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