Looking through my Twitter feed, a blog post caught my eye. Eight Issues that Do NOT Make or Break Christianity from the Credo House website b Michael Patton.  As this article points out there are so many of the things that we debate about that are not essential to whether or not we believe in Christ.

Below is the author’s list and my favorite line for each point.  I highly recommend you check out the article in it’s entirety.

  1. Young Earth Creationism:  There is simply no sustainable reason to believe that one’s interpretation about the early chapters of Genesis determines his or her status before God.
  2. The authorship of the Pastoral Epistles:   While these letters are extremely valuable for issues of personal integrity and ecclesiology, the essence of the Christian faith remains intact without them.
  3. The inerrancy of Scripture: Christianity is based on the historicity of Christ’s resurrection from the dead, not whether or not its chroniclers messed up on a detail or two.
  4. Whether the flood covered entire earth:  If we were somehow able to prove that a flood was or was not global, this neither adds to nor takes away from the truthfulness of Christianity.
  5. The character witness of Christians:  Christianity’s truthfulness has nothing to do with how Christians act. …One does not become a Christian by trusting in the character of Christians; one becomes a Christian by trusting in Christ.
  6. The inspiration of Scripture: Did God have to give us the Bible in order to be God?…The Bible does not make Christianity true; the Bible simply records true Christianity through inspired words and thoughts.
  7. The unity of Christianity:  The unity of the church is not the foundation of the Church.
  8. The theory of evolution: there is no reason that God could not have used some sort of evolutionary process to create the world… many good Christians have demonstrated, it is very possible to be a Christian evolutionist.

“In essence, if the resurrection of Christ happened, Christianity is true. If it did not, Christianity is not true.”

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