In my classroom I have a list called “Ms. Smith’s pet peeves.”  One of my biggest pet peeves is odors.  Perfume.  Scented lotion. Cologne.  Food.  Body odor. Bananas (I HATE the smell of bananas).

The kids find this amusing.  They think I’m a little quirky to start with but my obsession with odor pushes me into the extremely weird category.  “But Ms. Smith bananas are yummy….this perfume smells good.”  I have to explain two things to my kids:

1. While 1 scent may not be too bad, but when you mix the perfume, the food, and the farts,all together is creates a horrible smell

2. The students are only in my room for a single bell.  I am in my room for the whole day.  I have to spend the rest of the day smelling that banana someone threw away first bell.

What kind of “odor”do you leave behind?  After someone spends time interacting with you are they left smelling your stench?  While personal hygiene is important, I’m not referring to a real odor that can begarbage detected through the nose, but that emotional odor.  “His attitude stinks.”  “There’s something fishy about the way she acts.”  “Something about that person doesn’t smell right.”

Do you leave people feeling good about having had you around or being grateful that you’ve left?