I get really irritated when I hear people criticize grown men who play video games. They like to create this image of some immature man-boy sitting in his basement in a dirty t-shirt wasting his life away playing dumb games.  One reason it annoys me is that my husband is a gamer.  I’ve spent many hours of my life hanging out watching him play games.  It doesn’t bother me because he’s a good hard-working man, whose a wonderful husband and a loving, actively involved father.   If he wants to blow off some steam at the end of the day by shooting zombies or playing virtual football, let him.

What I find amusing is these same people who will criticize gamers have no problems wasting hours of their life watching grown men chase a ball, or know everything that is happening on some stupid sit-com or even worse, some mindless reality show.  As if their pastime of choice is any better than that of a gamer.

It reminds me a lot of our obsession with other people’s sins.  One person’s tendency to lie is no better or worse than another person’s tendency to lust.  One person inability to control his alcohol is no better than another person’s sticky fingers.  We all have something.  The day we start spending all of our time judging other people’s sin is the day we lose sight of what Christ’s mission was really about.