Yesterday I nearly had a meltdown in the kitchen…..

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I was fixing breakfast for the family….homemade blueberry muffins, with real blueberries.  The sugar container was almost empty.  I’m annoyed.  We were out of bagged sugar.  I’m more annoyed.  All I could find was this box of sugar my husband had picked up at some point in time.  I opened the top of the box and began pouring sugar into our sugar container.  Sugar got all over the place.  Sugar was not meant to be poured out of a box.  It doesn’t flow easily over the flaps.  You have to try and hold the flaps down or turn the box so that sugar only comes out of the corner.  Whoever put sugar in a box was stupid!

As you can probably tell, I was getting extremely annoyed and frustrated over this ridiculous sugar box.  I finally got all of the sugar out (and we won’t even talk about all the sugar I spilled in the sink).  I go to throw the box away and saw on the side of the box is a perforated opening….for a spout! What a dork am I to not see that the sugar box had a built in spout?

So here I was set to have my whole morning ruined by a box of sugar only to realize that the real problem was my inability to see the big picture.   James 1:19 came to mind “Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger…”

Slow to speak………slow to anger.

How often do we jump to conclusions and cause misunderstandings?  How often do we allow ourselves to get worked up over an issue before we truly understand what the issue is?  Being slow to respond to something and slow to automatically assume the worse gives us space.  Space to learn more, space to gather information and space to look at a problem from several different angles.

So the next time you find yourself getting worked up over something, take a moment.  Count to 10 or 100 or 1000 even….see if this is really a problem worth getting upset over or something that simply requires a paradigm shift.