I ran across an interesting article the other day entitled:  “The Problem with Christians Who Set out to Bold.”  Of course being someone who has built a brand around the idea that its okay to be a wimpy Christian, this article caught my eye.  I’ll let you venture over to Patrick’s Place to check out the entire article, but below are a few snippets that resonated with me:

1. The person more focused on “being bold” and “offending” you into snapping to is too lazy to have bothered to get to know who you are, how you tick,or what you’ve been through that got you to the failure that they are only to eager to jump on! All they want to do is shout to the rooftops about other people’s failures. They miss the whole point of compassion, which is a critical part of the Christian equation.

2. Without compassion, you’re just making noise.

3. The crowd that caught the adulteress in the act was bold. It wanted to put her to death at once just to show off their own moral superiority to Christ. Christ returned their boldness by shaming them for their sins and forgiving the woman for her transgressions.

4. The disciples chastised Mary of Bethany when she poured the perfume from the alabaster jar over Christ’s head. They boldly argued that the perfume was of great value and could have been sold to raise money to help the poor, a perfectly noble goal. Christ returned their boldness by pointing out the error of their ways and promising the woman that for as long as Christ’s story is told, her act of kindness would be told along with it.

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