About Me

African American.  Female. Christian. Sometimes-Vegetarian.

Wife.  Mother.  Daughter.  Sister. Friend.

Writer. Teacher.  Zumba Enthusiast.

These are just a few labels that I wear on a daily basis.  It is difficult to summarize your existence in a few sentences.  It is virtually impossible to give someone a true snapshot of who you are and what you’re about when limited to words on a page.  So rather than focus so much on me, I would prefer to tell you why I created this blog.

So often we hear about Christian warriors.  Putting on the “whole armor of God.”  Being engaged in spiritual warfare.  We see people who are “on fire for the Lord.”  They can pray or preach or sing in a way that moves others.  They are fearless when it comes to talking to people about their religion.  They embrace opportunities to serve the less fortunate.  They obviously have some deep spiritual life that gives them a power and a boldness to tackle the world.

I am not one of those people.  In fact, those people scare me.

I’ve come to the realization over the past couple of years, that I am spiritually immature.  My spiritual growth has been somewhat stunted and I don’t possess the courage and audaciousness of many of our fellow Christian warriors have.

Warrior – no.

Wimp – that sounds more like it.

And more importantly, I know I’m not alone.

So this site is dedicated to those of you who consider yourself spiritually immature and a little wimpy.  May you join me on the road to discovering how important you truly are.

1Corinthians 12: 12 – 30 talks about how we all have a role in the body of Christ.  Just like your body can’t just be a brain walking around (and it couldn’t walk around anyway cause it wouldn’t have legs), the church, can’t just be made up of one kind of Christian.  Just as the pinky toe is vital in helping us maintain balance while we’re walking, all of us “wimps” too have a role to play in the church.  We may not have found it yet, or we may be afraid to step into it, but we’re important nonetheless.