Check out these books by Myrtis Smith

10 Reasons Christians Should Care About What They Eat

10 reason cover revampA biblical examination into the politics of food.  It explores how our food choices affect us individually and affect our global neighbors.  The book provides compelling arguments for why we should allow our Christian values to drive our food choices.

Wimps of the Bible

SWimps of bible coverome of the best life lessons the Bible has to offer don’t come from the stories of warriors but from the stories of wimps. We’ll look at some of the greatest Wimps of the Bible (David, Jonah, Gideon, Moses, etc) and see how God was able to use their shortcomings.  We wimps have great role models.

Just Selfish Enough

selfish cover.fw36 practical nuggets to motivate and encourage you to become just selfish enough to start making  self-care a priority. Go beyond the “why” and “what” and instead focus on the “how” with weekly action items to help you cultivate a habit of self-care.